We’re Jess and Mike, and welcome to A Very Un-British Miscarriage.

You may wonder why on earth we would want to write a blog about miscarriage. Isn’t it really difficult to talk about? Isn’t it super private? It doesn’t happen to that many people, does it?

Well, you’d be right about the first two.

As many as 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. But have you ever heard anyone speaking openly about their experiences of it?

This blog is a place to shed some light on a subject that for many is shrouded in mystery, and to talk about everything from the fear to the tears, as well as the little moments of love and hope in between.

If you need a place to read about another couple’s experience with miscarriage, or to support a loved one throughout the experience, we hope that our experiences might help.

Love always,

Jess and Mike