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The power of positivity

For much of my adult life, I always recall being a relatively optimistic person. When disaster strikes, my mind goes into what I term my “Ultra Logic Mode”. My emotion levels are set to low, and my problem solving set to maximum. Because, by my very nature, I like to solve problems.  I am lucky… More

Time to Talk Day 4th Feb 2021; The Power of Small

Today is Time to Talk day; a day where we acknowledge the power that even the smallest conversation can have.  Having experienced various difficult points with my own mental health (including before experiencing recurrent miscarriage), there are two conversations that stick out to me.  The first was with a friend. At the time I was… More

Dealing with anger after miscarriage

I recently came across the Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle in work, when trying to help a colleague with something going on in their life. In finding it, I found it spoke volumes to my own and continuing experiences with grief.  Of all the five stages, during every miscarriage, Anger is the phase I have struggled with… More


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